Family Guy XXX, Lois

Who has not imagined brought to this female character of family guy as a God to the planet? Lois is the wife of Peter Griffin and the mother of 3 children, Meg, Chris and Stewie. The personality of this woman is often portrayed as the usual mother of television programs, to having a dark past of drugs, gambling, nymphomania and kleptomania. This woman was a young Protestant, to the course of the series used to be the voice of reason for Peter. More during the series this was fit different personalities of his more obscure side such as sadomasochism and drug addiction.
And God thank you for this, since the wilder side of Lois has not been overlooked by the eyes of fans used it to recreate stories. Where situations are very hot, where at any moment out to shine his maternal side upside down here his dark side is the protagonist of an endless number of stories full of trouble and I salseo everywhere.
Intentionally either not the author of this series, drawing with Picardy this character where her big tits and her great butt divert the eyes of enthusiasts. In addition to this certain episodes that leave a great deal to say and lucid imagination of the people followers of serious it. One of these scenes is when the ex – Lois gene Simmons makes oral sex Lois with his long tongue des closet.
More away somewhat from the reality of this series, Lois being unfaithful to Peter with his friend and very likely better equipped with Cleveland. Where this couple enjoy a night after a vehicle, where Cleveland black cock destroys from the inside in ass of Lois while tightening her tits, intense good fellatio to Lois cone for the part of Cleveland while Quagmire that the spyware without as able to support more recreating a trio between Lois Cleveland and Quagmire. Double penetration, blow job and handjob with huge tits for this for bad friends, nymphomania of this woman has no limits by asking them to these friends do it again tomorrow.
Peter just supports few minutes failing to Lois leaving her unsatisfied, while Peter sleeps will particular bath house to pamper their cunito, is at that moment of pleasure that his son Chris enters the bathroom by berating his mother that Peter is a good for nothing in bed. Then Chris teaches his huge cock to Lois so it fuck it with your mouth. Then Chris Lois bum against the wall and fucks her cruelly his back, at the end of the Chris pedant threatens his mother to say Peter if it does not comply with his sexual orders. What Chris not imagined was that his mother had different plans.
What other secrets keep Lois under their panties?